Selamat Datang is official website for Abi, Nurabdiansyah.

Nurabdiansyah (Abi) is an activist of #jamaahkreatifsektorselatan, a campaign that aims to enhance creative activities especially visual art in Makassar. He has been involved in Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) as a visual designer since MIWF was held for the first time in 2011. He is an initiator of various events, like Balanipa Project, a support system for artwork publication since 2006; OrangeFest as a creative festival held every 4 years in Makassar since 2012; Makassar Bienalle held in 2015 and 2017 in collaboration with Colliq Pujie Foundation and Tahanindie. He is an alumni of Magang Nusantara Kelola and grantee of Hibah Cipta Perdamaian Kelola 2016-2018.

Basically, Abi is a graphic and visual communication designer. His works are always based on the relationship between art and society. In some artworks, the creation of works is often done through a design thinking based approach or problem-based design in the community. Currently Abi focuses on typography, especially vernacular typography, visual merchandising, branding and the social movement campaign. Through the creative campaign #jamaahkreatifsektorselatan, Abi encourages the art atmosphere and other artistic activities with the communities in the southern region of Makassar. Besides that, he is actively teaching in Visual Communication Design Department in UNM, works as Creative Director of Mahakarya Kreatif Nusantara, and in process to directs creative local brand called MisterDaeng.

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